tgtadm — Linux SCSI Target Administration Utility


tgtadm [--control-port NNNN] --lld [driver] --op [operation] --mode [mode] [OPTION]...


tgtadm is used to monitor and modify everything about Linux SCSI target software: targets, volumes, etc.


--control-port NNNN

It is possible to run multiple concurrent instances of tgtd on a host. This argument is used to control which instance the tgtadm command will operate on.

--lld [driver] --op new --mode target --tid=[id] --targetname [name]

add a new target with [id] and [name].

--lld [driver] --op delete --mode target --tid=[id]

delete specific target with [id]. The target must have no active I_T nexus.

--lld [driver] --op show --mode target

show all the targets.

--lld [driver] --op show --mode target --tid=[id]

show target parameters of a target with [id].

--lld [driver] --op new --mode=logicalunit --tid=[id] --lun=[lun] --backing-store [path]

add a new logical unit with [lun] to specific target with [id]. The logical unit is offered to the initiators. [path] must be block device files (including LVM and RAID devices) or regular files. lun0 is reserved for a special device automatically created.

--lld [driver] --op delete --mode=logicalunit --tid=[id] --lun=[lun]

delete specific logical unit with [lun] that the target with [id] has.

--lld [driver] --op bind --mode=target --tid=[id] --initiator-address=[address]

add the address to the access lists of the target with [id]. Initiators with the address can access to the target. 'ALL' is a special address to allow all initiators to access to a target.

--lld [driver] --op unbind --mode=target --tid=[id] --initiator-address=[address]

delete the address from the access lists of the target with [id].

--lld [driver] --op update --mode=target --tid=[id] --name=[parameter] --value=[value]

change the value of [parameter] of the target with [id] to [value].


display version and exit.


display a list of available options and exits.


iSNS configuration for a target is by using the tgtadm command.


This specifies the IP address of the iSNS server. TGTD only supprots one iSNS server.


This setting enables(on)/disables(off) iSNS.


This setting specifies the port to use for iSNS.


Enable/disable access control for iSNS.


tgtd(8), tgt-admin(8), tgtimg(8), tgt-setup-lun(8).


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